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Are Your DHT Levels too High?

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male and female pattern baldness, is the leading cause of hair loss in millions of men and women around the world. Age, genetics, and disease are all factors contributing to hair loss but the scientific field has found an underlying cause of hair loss lies in one’s DHT levels. So, are your DHT levels too high?

What is DHT

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is an endogenous androgen sex hormone that contributes to the development of what many think of as “male” sex characteristics. It is formed from the hormone testosterone, where it converts to DHT through an enzyme known as the 5-alpha reductive. DHT is used in certain tissues such as the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, skin, hair follicles, liver, and brain. In fetal development, DHT plays a vital role in the developments of male characteristics, and many of the effects that testosterone has in the body, only happen after it is converted into DHT. But DHT is a tricky thing as it has the ability to create, as well as destroy.

When one’s DHT levels are too high, it can be detrimental to the hair on your head. And unfortunately, women are no exception. About 10% of testosterone produced by an adult each day is converted to DHT by the testes and prostate in men, and the ovaries in women. So both men and women are affected by this hormone. 

When DHT levels increase more than they should, it binds to the receptors in the follicles on the scalp. This shrinks and weakens the hair follicles in the process. This process is called ‘miniaturization, and effects the hair cycle, eventually leading to a complete end of hair growth in the DHT-affected hair follicles. This is why men bald the way they do when affected by high DHT levels. Male pattern baldness usually starts as a receding hairline and thinning of the crown, which the hair in those areas are more prone to DHT.

However, as stated above, DHT is vital for hair growth and other important roles in the body. It fuels the growth of hair on one’s chest, back, and other areas, and yet, is detrimental for those strands on your head.

Testing DHT Levels

Before doing anything, check with a consultant about testing your levels for DHT. You can take a simple blood test to measure the amount of DHT in the blood. Many of those who suffer from hair loss, have an acute sensitivity to the hormone. Make sure your levels are where they need to be. If they aren’t, then take the next step in blocking this hormone from reaching your head.

DHT blockers are easy and pain free, as they consist of shampoos/conditioners, as well as vitamins. Kiierr’s DHT blocking shampoo/conditioners are great for those that are suffering from androgenetic alopecia, or for those that are sensitive to the DHT hormone. They block the enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT, and are packed with proteins and nutrients such as zinc PCA, green tea, kapilarine, allowing your hair to stay strong and healthy. Zinc PCA regulates the sebaceous gland and blocks DHT; green tea reduces and blocks DHT levels, as well as cholesterol; and kapilarine stimulates hair regrowth and maintains it’s strength.

You can also get vitamins that reduce and block DHT. Kiierr’s DHT blocking vitamins are packed with all natural ingredients like saw palmetto, horsetail extract, zinc, vitamin B6, biotin, folic acid, and more. These types of vitamins help to improve scalp circulation, while also blocking DHT and promoting hair growth. 

If you’re suffering from high levels of DHT, don’t wait to do something. Nip the hormone in the bud now and help your hair stay strong and healthy.

Will Laser Hair Growth Work? Can Hair Loss Treatment Really Work To Restore Your Locks?

Hair loss STINKS! Who isn’t looking for the best laser hair growth device?! You absolutely want to get the best products and tools to help give your hair a boost. Hair loss is a natural occurring element and it’s not just men who find they lose their hair; thousands of women are in the same boat. It’s an unpleasant factor to face but it’s certainly a major issue for most people today. However, if you use laser hair growth techniques, will it work? Can you actually restore your locks through some hair loss treatments?

Cause Can Help Treatment

While some hair loss treatments can work, you have to find the overall cause of the problem. For instance, have you been ill recently? Have you changed the way you wash and treat your scalp? Sometimes, there are lots of contributing factors that cause you to lose hair and while some factors can last a short time, other’s are long-term issues. Being able to find the root cause of the hair loss can enable you to take positive steps to change the outcome of the hair loss. You can look at laser hair growth and see if those treatments help. Knowing the underlying cause of the problem can really help you in a major way.

Laser Hair Growth Can Help Those Losing Hair

Hair loss is no laughing matter and when it begins you might want to find a treatment to help stop and reverse the condition. Looking into laser hair procedures can be a great idea and it might help those get back some of their locks once again. The best laser hair growth device can be so useful when it comes to growing hair and while it seems difficult to achieve that goal, there are potential methods to help. Laser hair growing procedures can be a fantastic option to consider when you have issues with hair loss. Learn more.

In the past few years there have been countless customer testimonials showing laser caps work very well. Products like the Kiierr laser cap system have improved the lives of millions with their at home laser treatments.

Different Results for Different People

In terms of hair growth results, it can vary. There will be some individuals who get fantastic results in a short period of time and others that find the results take longer. However, in terms of long-term hair growth, you really can’t tell how successful it will be until you try it. That is the only drawback of laser hair growth as you don’t know how useful this will be. Of course, there are many who get fantastic results when it comes to hair growth.

Restoring Hair

Hair loss is a major problem for millions of people worldwide and it’s a concern that’s getting worse as the days go on. The trouble is that when hair loss begins you can struggle to stop the hair loss and it’s difficult to find a solution to the problem too. However, when you look at several hair restoring techniques, it might be possible to get your locks back once again. Results can vary in terms of hair growth results and it can certainly be a useful concept for most people too. Hair loss is a very real problem and it’s not always easy to fix either. With the best laser hair growth device you might find it’s possible to restore your locks. Find out more at

State Of The Art Laser Hair Growth Treatments

Laser Hair Growth Treatments to Reverse Hair Loss

There are now millions of men looking into the possibility of laser hair growth and it’s easy to see why. Going bald is no laughing matter and it happens more often than you think. It’s not always a common side effect of aging as many men go bald in their twenties. Sometimes, it’s down to hormones and at other times, there are many more troubles that are behind the problem. For women, they find they have issues with hair loss and it’s terrible. However, there are now state of the art laser hair growth treatments that can potentially reverse hair loss.

How Technology Changes Hair Loss

Newer technology has allowed doctors and scientists to come up with a laser hair treatment to actually reverse hair loss. That is really strange to say but it’s now possible to get back your lost hair and while most people would never have dreamt of that twenty or thirty years ago, it’s now a possibility. Lasers, low light lasers, can help to treat damaged scalps and can help stimulate the follicle and help stimulate new growth. That is why the best laser hair growth device is being sought after. It’s not just men that are having issues with hair loss either so there is a real demand for this.

State Of The Art Laser Hair Growth Treatments

 How Does It Work?

There are three stages to laser light therapy which can help to stimulate hair growth. The first stage is classed as the active growth phase and then the second phase is the resting phase. The last stage is the shedding phase and while that might not sound overly impressive, it can help with the re-growing. Blood flow is improved during the process and that will help to promote healthy hair grow and to boost the energy within the follicles. Laser hair growth can really be useful and it can be a success too. However, results will vary from person to person. Visit for more information.

What about the Results?

Results can vary from person to person. There will be some who finds they get good growth and others who find they need more treatment to help boost the functions of the follicles. In terms of how long it’ll take to get growth, it can vary once again. However, if you keep up with your hair treatments then after a little while you should see some hopefully good results. Of course, shedding might occur after a few weeks but the hair will hopefully become stronger and healthier. If you use the best laser hair growth device you hopefully see some positive results within a few months. Learn more about clinical results of laser therapy.

New Treatments for Better Results

State of the art hair growth treatments are fantastic and they can help millions suffering from hair loss problems. Yes, some people don’t care about hair loss but for others, they do and in a way, it can be embarrassing to some if they lose their hair. That is why more people are now looking towards laser hair treatments and they can be pretty effective as well. Laser hair growth and the various treatments are potentially enhanced by the prospect of newer treatments and technology. Click here for latest news of laser hair therapy.

Laser Hair Growth – A Few Things to Know

Laser Hair Growth – A Few Things to Know

Laser hair growth has become vastly popular today. With so many men and women having trouble with hair loss, it’s no wonder why millions are looking into the possibility to laser hair treatments. Being able to get back those lost locks can be so important because it’s a real confidence booster and it can make someone feel like them once again. However, there are a few things that you should know before you look into these treatments. Learn more about laser hair therapy solution.

Results Can Vary

Most people don’t realize that the treatments might not always be a success. When you are using the best laser hair growth device you might not find you get the results you want right away. Some might find the results don’t come for several months while others not at all. In truth, when it comes to hair loss you have to identify the cause of the problem rather than just attempt to reverse it. Yes, you can find you get some growth back but again, you have to also be aware that it might not be as quick as you like or as effective. Click here to find laser hair growth devices.

Laser Hair Growth – A Few Things to Know

Continuous Treatments May Be Required

With laser hair growth treatments, you might find there is a need for you to undergo several treatments if not continuous treatments. That doesn’t mean to say you have to use the treatments every week for the rest of your lives but for a few months at the very least. A lot of people don’t realize or know that when it comes to laser hair growth. However, if you are going to look at this treatment then you need to understand that the treatment might not just be a one course thing. Continuous treatments may be required. It’s not always the most enjoyable but it can be well worth it.

Laser Hair Treatments Can Be Costly

Today, hair loss is a major problem and it’s certainly something which more and more people are dealing with and it’s not nice. It doesn’t matter if a man loses their hair or a woman, it’s difficult for them and it can really be a terrible thing for most individuals. However, when you look at the best laser hair growth device you might find you deal with those troubles. Hair growth is not always easy to deal with but it can be important to look at it. However, in most cases, you will find the cost for hair growth treatments are not the cheapest. That is something which a lot of people have to be wary of and it’s important to know before you undergo the treatment. For latest news about laser hair growth, visit

Understand What Laser Hair Treatments Are

Laser hair treatments are fantastic but they are not without their risks. Yes, you might love the results but you can’t always expect to get those results within a few short days. It can take a considerable period of time before you see those results. Hopefully you will start to see those results and you might feel a little more confident as well. Laser hair growth is a fantastic avenue to explore.